My Forever DJ

Southern Hotspots

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Drawn together by their mutual love of music My Forever DJ formed their power duo in 2018. In the summer of 2020, they chose to make music together as a way to grapple with the darkness the world was navigating as a result of COVID-19. They revised travel plans to focus on celebrating the rich musical history of iconic and lesser-known southern cities and their musical histories, stopping at locations that just so happened to be virus “Hot Spots”. Armed with Clorox wipes, a wardrobe of masks, Jeff’s home crafted mobile recording studio, and a booklet of lyrics and music, they researched songs emblematic of the cities they would visit, recording music all along the 1,200 mile journey. The end result is a joyful, if imperfect, noise!


Recording songs along a southern journy with a mobile recording studio – My Forever DJ


We had such a great time traveling along dusty roads during a Covid summer recording songs along the way in a hand-made, mobile recording studio – making a joyful noise! We hope you enjoy…

Jeff and Diane – My Forever DJ


Mindy McCall of IndiePulse Music

Consisting entirely of covers, Southern Hotspots includes tributes to a variety of rock legends ranging from Bob 

Patrick Orr of Vents

It’s hard to imagine a more authentic way to record an album outside of going on a road trip to various iconic rock

Garth Thomas of The Hollywood Digest

There is a certain air of bravery to the entire project, yes, as something so uniquely handled 

Clay Burton of Independent Music and Arts, Inc.

The music contained within the eleven-song tracklist of Southern Hotspots is extremely impressive, and even more

Rockin' the Suburbs Podcast

Jeff and Diane speak with Jim and Patrick at the fabulous Rockin’ the Suburbs Podcast about all their misadventures while recording this album.

Patrick Orr of Vents

The listener is practically sat down directly in the back seat of Diane and Jeff’s automobile (one might picture a classic Chevy truck puttering from state to state)