My Forever DJ


200 More Miles: I’ve loved that song since the day it came out – I grew up in Auburn, Alabama and when I first heard it I thought, “man – Atlanta to Montgomery – that goes by my house!!” – and I thought it must have been a country song from way back – how could a bunch of Canadians know about I-85! A great verse to kick off our adventure… fits so perfectly..

Next – if you’ve ever driven roads in Alabama, as you’re approaching a red light on a highway, there are 5 speed bumps – thump…. thump…. thump-thump-thump… well – we recorded that on 280 on the way to the lake – “The Alabama Beat”!
Leads into Kow-Liga – we were able to record this about 100 yards from the cabin where Hank Williams wrote this song way back in 1952. This is a great entrance to our album – nothing fancy, local, fun… hope you enjoy!

200 More Miles - Kaw-Liga